Amin Cooley

Amin Cooley, Co-founder of the Black Panther Party Keepers, was born and raised in Oakland California. He always believed that black people and other minorities have always been deprived the opportunity to thrive and prosper in America.

Growing up in Oakland, the home of the Black Panther Party, he was surrounded by examples of community activism and program creation that would address issues that affected the welfare and survival of the people who lived in those communities. Adhering to those principles of compassion and fairness, he embarked on a career of entrepreneurship in sales and marketing. Amin soon became known as a man of integrity and principle in his business dealings, which gave him the opportunity to develop successful working collaborations in the entertainment and music industry, including with Naim Mc Nair, Vice President of Universal Records.

They are still friends to this day.

After extensive travel related to his career, Amin and his wife decided to buy a home and raise their family in his and her hometown of Oakland Ca. In Amins own words “now is the time to engage in my lifelong passion to serve my community body and soul’’ Educated and mentored by original alumni members of the original Black Panther Party, Amin has shown a true desire to continue the Legacy of the Original Black Panther Party through his everyday work, dedication, and commitment for true revolutionary change.

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