Adrian Le'Roy Devezin

Adrian Le'Roy Devezin was born in Jacksonville, Florida but raised all over the world. Growing up overseas, he was able to see the world differently. He saw people with few material items experience greater joy than those with financial abundance. He realized that community and belonging was a pillar of happiness far more than any material object.

As an autodidact, he began to learn more about the technology sector. Soon after learning software development, he created a top new app of the month. After achieving this victory, he began to learn more and more until soon he was being offered wealthy salaries from top 4 corporations. Instead of accepting those salaries, he chose to earn less working for companies that could have a positive impact on the world.

Soon he realized that technology should be a tool for the black community. He started a nonprofit organization to teach career skills to black youth and began creating software to support the black community, black business, and black unity. Adrian has shown his 'Panther Mentality' by putting his community over capitalism and using his skills to serve others.

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