Meet Our Team

Dr. Saturu Ned


Saturu Ned then known as James Mott joined the Black Panther Party in May of 1968 in Sacramento California while attending Sacramento City College.

Amin Cooley


Amin Cooley, Co-founder of the Black Panther Party Keepers, was born and raised in Oakland California. He always believed that black people and other minorities have always been deprived the opportunity to thrive and prosper in America.

Steve McCutchen

BPP Alumni Member

Steve, whose pen name is Lil' Masai, was an early member of the Baltimore Chapter of the BPP where he joined in 1968.

Katherine Campbell

BPP Alumni Member

"The most powerful moment of my life was when I developed a strong community relationship and became a community leader, working in the communities of San Francisco and Oakland" – Katherine Campbell.

Adrian Le'Roy Devezin

Team Member

Adrian Le'Roy Devezin was born in Jacksonville, Florida but raised all over the world.

Shawn D. Granberry

Team Member

Mr. Granberry is founder and CEO of HipHopTV, LLC and has worked in the entertainment industry for over 25 years.

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