Our Mission

It takes people who have passion and believe in a cause, experts to diagnose the problem, and develop innovative solutions, organizations and individuals to pool their resources and communities to work together for revolutionary change.


The Legacy Keepers recognize this and exist to lead this effort in initiating positive mindset behavior, community stability and economic self-sufficiency.

The Legacy Keepers Network

The Black Panther Party Legacy Keepers Network is composed of individuals, community organizations, educational institutions and community-oriented businesses that not only have their own well-being at heart but also have a passion for every member of the Community to live long, prosper, and grow economically from generation to generation through unification, mutual cooperation and supporting each other. If you believe in these principles, you are a Keeper of the Legacy. The legacy of the 63 documented social service programs from Breakfast and Lunch programs, Free health Clinics and educational institutions are but a few of the survival programs created by the original Black Panther Party that have been adopted not only by populations of Black and oppressed people in America but have impacted disenfranchised people on a global basis. The path to self-determination, self-sufficiency and economic stability can only be achieved through a combined effort of the people who are from and part of their communities.  Together we can cut the umbilical cord of dependence on a nation that has marginalized and limited our ability on a grand scale to live a life of peace and prosperity. Join us!!


We are taking a stand and we will not rest until our people and communities are liberated from demonization, disenfranchisement, and economic deprivation.

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Created by Alexandria Fuller