Interviews with Dr. Saturu Ned

Watch interviews featuring our founder, Dr. Saturu Ned

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Interview with Saturu Ned of Original BPP

Original Black Panther Saturu Ned talks about the Black Panther Run Oakland Community School

What the Black Panther Party Can Teach Us Today

The revolutionary, influential and sometimes controversial Black Panther Party shook the world in the 1960s, but much of what they were fighting for still applies today. YR youth sit down with Dr. Saturu Ned for BlackHistoryMonth and talk about police brutality, women empowerment and self-determination of black communities.

Former Black Panther Saturu Ned talks about Bringing Back Survival Programs

During the 51st Black Panther Anniversary Panel we got a rare opportunity to interview a former original black panther, Saturu Ned (aka James Mott). Saturu breaks down a new program he has created called "Knowledge to the People Fund" which helps college students with books and meals while also educated them on how they can recreate the Survival Programs that the Black Panthers created in the 70s which later inspired a lot of great government programs like School Breakfast Programs and WIC.

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