Celebrity Intake

Watch celebrity interviews and intake on Legacy Keepers. Learn more about their journeys to success and words of wisdom.

Dick Gregory: Advice to Young African Americans

Comedian and Activist Dick Gregory gives advice to young African Americans on life, entrepreneurship, community involvement, etc.

Prince Interview On George Lopez 2011

In this video, Prince is interviewed by Latino comedian George Lopez. Here, they discuss Prince's thoughts on music today and how it changed throughout the years.

The Michael Jackson Interviews - Inspirations and Visions

This video is a mixture of many different interviews of Michel Jackson over the years, with a focus on artistic inspirations and visions.

J.Cole on point in interview

J. Cole speaks on the value of life and the mentality of today's society.

Kendrick & Kobe Talk About Their Evolution to Greatness at ComplexCon 2017

Rapper Kendrick Lamar and NBA All-Star Kobe Bryant speak on their trajectory to greatness and how it all came to be.

The Wisdom of Nipsey Hussle

Rapper Nipsey Hussle speaks on manifesting wealth and growing wisdom.

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